Thursday, 23 August 2012

Fall 2012 Semester Arrivals

We will keep this page updated as we get news of faculty and student arrivals.

Friday, 24th August 2012 - Student Arrival Day
03:00 - Our couriers are on the way to Heathrow. We have received reports of some flight delays.

Fall2012Couriers06:00 - Our couriers are waiting for you. If you get lost head for Terminal 3 and look for the Harlaxton t-shirts and big smiles.

09:30 - Flight arrivals are coming in thick and fast. Most flight delays have been minor and we are still on schedule. Two coaches (buses) have now left Heathrow and are on their way to Harlaxton. We expect both coaches (with 103 students) to arrive at Harlaxton between 11:30 and 12:00 (UK time). A final third coach remains at Heathrow awaiting the later flight arrivals.

11:20 - The first coach is about 10 minutes away.

11:30 - The first coach with 54 students has arrived. Students were greeted by staff and given a formal welcome by Dr Kingsley. Now the fun begins: finding rooms, unpacking, getting a bite to eat and exploring a new home.

DSC01790.JPG  DSC01804.JPG

12:00 - The second coach has arrived with 49 students. The third and final coach left Heathrow att 11:50 and is due at Harlaxton around 14:30. In spite of some flight delays we were able to collect all students except one who's flight unfortunaely arrived too late (14:10 - he has now arrived after making his own way to Harlaxton.

DSC01816.JPG DSC01817.JPG

14:15 - The final coach has arrived. All students are now at Harlaxton except for two independent arrivals who are due later. A very smooth arrival - thanks to everyone involved including staff organising arrivals and our students who seem in remarkably good spirits considering rhe long day they have had.

DSC01821.JPG DSC01823.JPG

Thursday, 23rd August 2012
17:00 - Final preparations are complete and our couriers are getting ready to head down to London Heathrow in the early hours of Friday morning to collect the Fall 2012 class. We are ready!

Wednesday, 22nd August 2012 - Faculty Arrival Day
DSC01785.JPG06:00 - Our very own Dr David Green left Harlaxton to collect our Fall 2012 faculty.

11:30 - Most of our faculty are now on their way to Harlaxton. We expect arrival at about 14:00. You can find full detail our Fall 2012 faculty on our website.

13:30 - The faculty have arrived and we are glad to see them. Today they will be getting settled and getting to know the manor. Then, tomorrow, faculty orientation begins as does last minute preparations for student arrivals on Friday.

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