Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Fall 2013 Semester Arrivals

We will keep this page updated as we get news of faculty and student arrivals.
Thursday, 29th August 2013
18:00 - The two students who missed the coaches at Heathrow have arrived safely by train. So, we are complete and orientation starts before classes begin on Monday.

16:15 - The third and final coach has arrived.

13:55 - The third and final coach has left Heathrow and we expect it to arrive at approx. 16:00. We have two students who did not make it an will need to make their own way to Harlaxton. They have full instructions and contact numbers to help them do so.

13:00 - The second coach has arrived.

12:05 - The third and final coach is still at Heathrow airport waiting for three students who were severely delayed.

12:00 - The first coach has arrived and students are being welcomed by our Principal before heading to the Refectory and checking out their rooms.

10:30 - The second coach (bus) has left Heathrow with 63 students on board. We expect it to arrive at Harlaxton at approx. 13:00.
Waiting for the second bus to arrive

09:30 - The first coach (bus) has left Heathrow Airport with 51 students on board. We expect it to arrivae at Harlaxton at approx. 12:00.

08:00 - Students begin to arrive - yippie. They are tired, of course, and some have experienced flight delays but all are in good spirits.


07:00 - Our couriers are waiting and are ready for the onslaught. Well, they look ready ....

01:00 - Our students begin their long, long journey .....

Martin Methodist is ready to leave   Amanda Zumwalt Likes Harlaxton

Love this orange luggage tags, love those cell phones more Cameron Roberts forgot his passport!  Only fooling!

Wednesday, 28th August 2013 
17:30 - Our faculty have arrived and we are busy preparing for student arrivals tomorrow. Our couriers will leave very early on Thursday morning to arrive at Heathrow Airport on-time to begin meeting student arrivals.

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