Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Spring 2012 Arrivals

We will keep this page updated as we get news of faculty and student arrivals.

You can find pictures of our Spring 2012 Arrivals on Flickr.

Friday, 6th January 2012 - Student Arrival Day
Good morning on a bright and sunny (but cold) day at Harlaxton.

3:00 - We're coming to get you! Dr Taylor, Dr Bujak and Heather Elam will be your shepherds this morning.

6:00 - We are aware of a few delayed flights but most should still arrive in time for the official pickup.

9:00 - The Spring 2012 arrivals have begun! So far we have had no major problems at Heathrow airport and the first and second coaches (buses) of 48 students left at 7:10 and 7:50 and should arrive at Harlaxton at about 10:00 and 10:40 respectively.

9:30 - The third coach (bus) has just left Heathrow and should arrive at Harlaxton at about 12:30.

10:10 - The first coach (bus) has arrived and the students ( I swear they are getting younger every year!) have had a brief introduction from Dr Kingsley before lunch and settling in. The second coach is due at 10:45.
DSC01347.JPG DSC01348.JPG

10:50 - The second coach (bus) has arrived.  The third coach is due at 11:40.
DSC01357.JPG DSC01358.JPG

11:45 - The third coach (bus) has arrived. The fourth and final coach has left Heathrow and will be with us at about 14:00. Unfortunately, two students whoose flights were severly delayed missed the pickup but they know how to make their way to Harlaxton.
DSC01361.JPG DSC01369.JPG

14:30 - The fourth and final coach (bus) has arrived. We now have all students except for two delayed arrivals and some who are arriving independently.
DSC01373.JPG DSC01371.JPG

You can find more pictures of our Spring 2012 Arrivals on Flickr.

Wednesday, 4th January 2012 - Faculty Arrival Day
DSC0132906:00 - Our very own Dr David Green left Harlaxton to collect our Spring 2012 faculty.

10:30 - No problems in spite of very windy weather in the UK and the faculty are now on their way to Harlaxton. We expect arrival at about 13:00. You can find full details of our Spring 2012 faculty on our website.

13:30 - The faculty have arrived and we are glad to see them. Today they will be getting settled and getting to know the manor. Then, tomorrow, faculty orientation begins as does last minute preparations for student arrivals on Friday.

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  1. I am keeping tabs on the events at my Harlaxton Home and, I am admittedly just a little bit jealous that I can't be there to enjoy, once again, the camaraderie that I experienced during Fall Semester.

    My best wishes to all those students and faculty who will now enjoy all that Harlaxton and England - and all of Europe - has to offer.

    What an education I received, one for which I will be forever grateful. I am, indeed, privileged to have had that opportunity for I am forever changed as a result of it.


    Pat Levasseur - Student - Michaelmas Semester, 2011