Friday, 11 May 2012

Summer School 2012 Arrivals

We will keep this page updated as we get news of faculty and student arrivals.

Saturday, 12th May 2012
13:00 - All students and faculty arrived, were welcomed in the Great Hall, had a bit of lunch, and they are now getting settled in their rooms.

12:10 - The coach is on its way up the drive to the Front Circle.

09:30 - All have cleared immigration and customs and have reached the meeting point. The group will leave Heathrow at about 09:40 and should arrive at Harlaxton around midday.

09:00 - All flights have landed with no delays. Students will be making their way to the pickup point after clearing immigration and customs.

01:00 - A message from Earl Kirk at Chicago airport -
I can confirm that all trans-Atlantic flights with Harlaxton are now airborne. There were a few delays from New York and Montreal, but arrival times are currently projected to be only minutes later than originally scheduled. All other flights departed on time. 
Friday, 11th May 2012
Good afternoon on a bright and sunny (but windy) day at Harlaxton.

15:00 - Final preparations are being made before we begin arrivals tomorow morning at Heathrow Airport. Our very own Dr Kingsley will be your shepherd tomorrow morning. If you are experiencing any delays please don't forget to contact Earl Kirk or the College as soon as possible.

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  1. This was me almost 11 years ago to the day. Can't wait to return someday!